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About Northland Prairie Care

Northland Prairie Care is a Functional Medicine and Holistic Care clinic focused on individualized and personal root cause healthcare. Each patient is unique in health, genetics, and life experience and we understand this. There is no one perfect way to live and as such there is no one perfect healthcare answer for your concerns. We strive to provide the right answer for the right person at the right time. Root Cause Care for you and only you.

What is Functional Medicine?

Individualized Root Cause Care

Simply put, Functional Medicine is Evidence Based root-cause disease and condition management and care. The goal is to find out the "WHY" behind your symptoms. Next we focus on the "WHAT" in order to help your body heal. The patient is ultimately the "WHO" but there are other factors that influence the "WHO" and where they are today in body, mind, and spirit. Functional Medicine encompasses all aspects of your health and lifestyle as we dig deep to discover what you need for a healthy life.

Functional Medicine is not always a quick and easy fix. There can be many factors that cause your symptoms and some of them may seem completely unrelated! The body works in mysterious ways. Are you feeling brain fog? It's likely coming from your gut health. It's important to understand these possibilities for deeper connections within the body to help someone heal. 


Our Mission

Quality, Personalized Care

We are here to treat our patients’ individual needs. Northland Prairie Care is committed to going the extra mile to ensure each patient has a satisfying experience. We value the health and comfort of our patients, and will ensure each patients interests are met.

Our Values

 Transparency & Honesty

Northland Prairie Care strives to create a very personalized approach to health and wellness for each patient. All decisions made, are made by you in collaboration with your provider. This is your life, your health, and your choice. A personal and honest approach is always taken with regards to decision making and we work as a collective team.

We only order lab work that we feel it is essential or you are specifically asking for. We focus on how you feel and if you are seeing improvements. We also will never push specific products or supplements for profit. If your body doesn't need it, then we do not recommend it. We truly believe in personalized medicine.

In order to do this, we have chosen to only accept private pay. Although this may seem like it wouldn't make sense to not accept payment from insurance, it is quite the opposite. Because we do not have to spend our time submitting paperwork, making calls, sending faxes, and all of the other red tape that insurance companies require for the provider to receive payment, we can spend our time, energy, and resources focused on you and your needs. 

Insurance companies often require that providers follow a specific plan of treatment for each diagnosis or they will not pay for services. They want the provider to do step A then B then C etc. But, what if the provider knows the best step for their patient is to start with step B and then go to D? Well, insurance won't pay and the provider is often forced to follow a plan of care they know is not what is best for their patient. 

For this very reason, we have chosen to take out the middle man and be in a patient centered relationship that takes the steps you need just for you. Not for the insurance companies. 

Payment Options

It may be concerning that we do not submit to insurance but don't worry. We accept cash, check, and credit. If you are a part of a wellness program that is pre-tax, we may be able to accept that as payment as well. No matter what your payment options may be, we can work out a plan that suites your specific needs.

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